Auctioned on Facebook

On this page you find an overview of small paintings which already found a new owner. Almost every weekend there is a new auction on my Facebook page. If you would like to win one of my works, add me on Facebook and bid along!

Crow on branch Aliën and egg Sea dragon Night owl Beetle and snail
Dancing chick Chick in purple Cat on box Tadpole Guinea pigs
Toucan and ball Toothbrush Little whale Young duckling Female aliën
Bumblebee Green hummingbird Seven black cats Three black cats Blue zombie
Toad at bar Golden ghost Ghost and fireflies White mouse Cat with grass and flowers
Blue ghost with pattern Bird with goldfish Birdie with long legs Little mouse Angel
Crocodile and Bird Bird with butterfly Chick Light Being Duckling and Sun
Turtle Keith Haring Wolf Anglerman Dust Bunny Neon Tetra
Dart arrow Deer Nordic Walking Goldfish and bubbles Toucan in forest
Fox with sword Peace A cat named Snowball Chat Noir Clown's nose
Grey kitten Green coffee mug Top hat Krampus Llama
Purple cats Searaffe Small owls Walker Dog and fish
Grumpy Cat portrait Hole in sock Alien Bloody ghost Capybara and bird
Crazy clown sighting Empty plate Night cat Orange pants Purple booklet
Frog and butterfly Pikachu cat Turtle and mug Ghost and snake The Great Moby Dick
Walking Dead Zombie girl Zombie Black duckling Black rabbit
Killer whale Squirrel Kai and Kili Frog and flower Blue jay
Green cat Frame Lion and giraffe Brexit puffins Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit
Brown guinea pig Rubber boots Leaning White rabbit Orange cat
Straw Bird and grasshopper Bird and caterpillar Easter chicks Dodo