Curriculum Vitae

Jasper Oostland was born in Groningen on June 19th 1976. He began his study at the Minerva Academy in 1994 and got his certificate five years later. During his study, Jasper specialized himself in the art of illustration by taking such classes. During the five years he stayed at Minerva, his style changed from a cartoonish style to a more realistic way of painting. Jasper graduated with an exposition of small, detailed paintings of frogs in human-like situations.

These companies have work in their collection:
Unilever, Rotterdam
UMCG, Groningen
Menzis, Groningen
Forum Groningen
LabNoord, Groningen
GGZ Drente, Assen

(a selection)

Graduation Exposition, Groningen June 1999
Martini Hospital, Groningen Jul-Aug 1999
Gallery Vieleers, Amsterdam July 1999
Unilever Weena, Rotterdam November 1999
Gallery Mebius, Noordhorn Feb-Apr 2000
Gallery BLIK, Rotterdam May-Jul 2000
Gallery Needien, Neede Dec-Jan 2000-2001
Holand Art-fair, The Hague April 2001
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw A'dam May-Jul 2001
Gallery Collect-art, Amersfoort Okt-Nov 2001
Gallery Mebius, Noordhorn Mar-Apr 2002
Frogday, Bergschenhoek April 2002
Gallery BLIK, Rotterdam May-Jul 2002
Kunstproeverij, Hoogeveen Oktober 2002
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw A'dam Feb-Apr 2003
Frogday, Rotterdam April 2003
Gallery Mebius, Noordhorn Dec-Jan 2003-2004
Gallery Mebius, Noordhorn Jan-Mar 2004
Gallery Collect-art, Amersfoort Mar-Apr 2004
De Wenende Maan, Appingedam Mar-Apr 2004
Gallery BLIK, Rotterdam Apr-Jun 2004
De Wenende Maan, Appingedam May-Jun 2004
Museum De Buitenplaats, Eelde May-Aug 2004
Gallery Honingen, Gouda May-Jun 2004
Academic Hospital, Groningen Jun-Aug 2004
Gallery van Lubeck, Heilo Feb-Apr 2005
Atelier Route, Groningen May 2005
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw-Amsterdam Sep-Okt 2005
Drents Museum, Assen November 2005
De Wenende Maan, Appingedam Dec-Jan 2006
UMCG, Groningen Dec-Jan 2006
Gallery Mebius, Noordhorn Dec-Jan 2006
Holland Art Fair, The Hague April 2006
Gallery Honingen, Gouda May-Jun 2006
Centrale Bibliotheek, Groningen Okt-Jan 2006-2007
Gallery Mebius, Noordhorn Feb-Mar 2007
Atelierroute, Groningen May 2007
UMCG, Groningen Apr-May 2007
LabNoord, Groningen Jul-Sept 2007
Gallery Honingen, Groningen Oktober 2007
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw-Amsterdam Nov-Dec 2007
Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis, Assen Jan-Mar 2008
Gallery Mebius, Noordhorn Feb-Mar 2008
Jan de Jong Interieurs, Leeuwarden Mar-Aug 2008
De Groninger Kroon, Finsterwolde Aug-Okt 2008
The Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam Okt-Nov 2008
Openbare Bibliotheek, Utrecht Okt-Nov 2008
Het Clockhuys, Haren Feb-Mar 2009
Openbare Bibliotheek, Groningen Apr-Jun 2009
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw Amsterdam May-Jul 2009
Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Groningen Jun-Aug 2009
Medisch Centrum De Vecht, Groningen Jun-Aug 2009
UMCG, Groningen Aug-Nov 2009
Wonen en Co, Martiniplaza Groningen March 2010
Lifestyle beurs, Martiniplaza Groningen March 2010
Martini Hospital, Groningen Apr-Aug 2010
Jan de Jong, Leeuwarden Nov-Mar 2010-2011
Het Clockhuys, Haren Apr-May 2011
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw-Amsterdam Jun-Jul 2011
Sportrade, Paterswolde Jul-Nov 2011
UMCG, Groningen Dec-Feb 2011-2012
Kruit & Kramer, Groningen Feb-May 2012
Roesd, Tolbert May-Jun 2012
Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam Apr-Jul 2012
Centrale Bibliotheek, Groningen Sep-Jan 2012-2013
't Clockhuys, Haren Sep-Okt 2013
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw-Amsterdam Sep-Okt 2013
Sportrade, Paterswolde Sep-Nov 2013
Martini Hospital, Groningen Jul-Jan 2013-2014
Gallery Horneman, Ten Boer Jan-Mar 2014
Open studio weekend March 2014
Designmarkt, Groningen April 2014
Kunstmarkt, Hoornsemeer May 2014
Kunstmanifestatie, Groningen June 2014
Rondje Méér, Hoornsemeer June 2014
Kunst- & Cultuurmarkt, Haren Aug 2014
Kunstmarkt Helpman, Groningen Sep 2014
Open studio weekend March 2015
Meet and greet Jasper Oostland, Art-Quake April 2015
Art-Quake, Assen Apr-May 2015
UMCG, Groningen May-Aug 2015
Gallery de Groninger Kroon, Finsterwolde May-Aug 2015
Kunst aan de vaart, Assen Sep 2015
Museum Thijnhof, Coevorden Sep-Nov 2015
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw-Amsterdam Nov-Dec 2015
Roesd, Tolbert Jan-Mar 2015-2016
Open studio weekend March 2016
Gallery Paterswolde, Paterswolde Feb-Mar 2016
Gallery van Strien, Nieuw-Amsterdam Apr-Jun 2016
Klein Montmartre, Assen July 2016
Martini Hospital, Groningen Sep-Nov 2016
UMCG, Groningen Dec-Mar 2016-2017
Museum Schoonewelle, Zwartsluis Apr-Jun 2017
Gallery Paterswolde, Paterswolde Apr-Jun 2017
Kunst aan de vaart, Assen Sep 2017
Sportrade fit- & wellness, Paterswolde Jan-Mar 2018
Gemeentehuis, Groningen. Jan-Apr 2018
't Clockhuys, Haren Mar-May 2018
Kunst- en Cultuurmarkt, Haren Sep 2018
Kleintje Montmartre, Assen Sep 2018
Gemeentehuis, Haren Sep-Dec 2018
Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam Jun-Sep 2019
Kunstroute, Kunst in Kerkenpad Jul 2019
Kleintje Montmartre, Assen Okt 2019
Beatrixoord, Haren Sep-Jan 2019-2020
Kruit en Kramer, Groningen Jul-Nov 2020
Beatrixoord, Haren Aug-Feb 2020-2021
Galerie Paterswolde, Paterswolde May-Jul 2021
Galerie Bax Kunst, Sneek Jun-Sep 2021
Mannenmode de Rooij, Assen Jul-Sep 2021
Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam Aug-Sep 2021
Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam Okt-Dec 2021
Open studio weekend April 2022
Galerie Paterswolde, Paterswolde May-Jul 2022
Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam Aug-Sep 2022
Open studio weekend May 2024

Press report
Gallery van Strien, May 2001

A sunbathing seahorse wearing swimming trunks on a beach, a bear taking a walk in an empty city, a meditative rabbit in an armchair, a hare on a stepladder, a crocodile in a red wet-suit standing on a water scooter, a chameleon under an umbrella, a tired red eyed tree frog wearing his raincoat and pushing a packed shopping trolley in front of the supermarket or in the bathroom with naked upper body watching his own reflection in the mirror...

The work of the young painter from Groningen (1976) always makes you at least smile but most of the time just laugh. By placing animals in a human-like context he developed a very own style: very precisely painted, well targeted cartoonesque presentations in bright colours full of witty detail. He puts forth a story in which the viewer can fill in the storyline for himself. There's no shortage of inspiration: the formula seems inexhaustible and seems applicable to the wildest combinations which, together with great painting craftmanship, create estranging, but primarily surprising and tempting images.

Jasper builds up his paintings with many transparent layers of paint. He paints acryl on paper on preferably 30 X 30 cm sized paper which is a handy format that invites the creating of combinations of mosaics. Recently he has been making some bigger paintings as well. Since his graduating from the Minerva Academy in Groningen Jasper Oostland enjoys a great deal of success with his work.