Paintings that still can be bought

Purple tadpoles Anaconda Orange circles Low swing Aphids
Flatwoods monster Cat and Flag Cat with guitar White cat Bone
Lola ADHD cat Peacock black/white Thinking crow Lifeboat
Blue circles Flowers Foetus Marika Nyan cat
Snoopy cat Grace Little dog Black dog Android vs apple
Banjo Beads Blue pacman ghost Chloe Comel
Frightened android Kayla Kurt Red pacman ghost Stephanie
Birdcage Stag Beetle Larvae Metal ball Mexican owl Toucan on branch
Wampa Ponda Baba Greedo Hyalinobatrachium Confetti
Flamingo Cloud Fox Grand jeté Triceratops
Stegosaurus Copiphora rhinoceros Purple circles

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions
or if you would like to see any of the pictures for real.

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