September 9th and 10th 2017

Kunst en Klassiek aan de Vaart
Saterday and Sunday from 11.00 till 17.00.
The art event which will be held in more then 40 canal houses along the canal in Assen.

At these addresses you can see some of my paintings in stock.
You can email me if you want to know what is where.

LADE, Koningsweg 1D, Groningen.
Hours of opening: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 till 18.00
Thursday from 10.00 till 21.00
Saterday from 10.00 tot 17.00
Tel.: 050 318 54 33

Kunzt.nl, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 127, Groningen.
Tel.: 050 541 99 62

Art-Quake, Forum 22, Assen.
Hours of opening: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 09.30 till 17.30
Friday from 09.30 till 18.00
Saterday from 09.30 till 17.00
Tel.: 059 233 01 64

Gallery van Strien, Vaart NZ 176, Nieuw-Amsterdam.
Hours of opening: Friday, Saterday and Sunday from 13.00 till 17.00
Tel.: 059 155 16 30

There's also work available at different art rental services:

CBK Drenthe
CBK Concordia, Enschede
Business Art Service (BAS)

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